That I May Know You

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Don Francisco
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Everything I've ever wanted only held me back from what I see in You
The wonders of Your love are far beyond what anyone could own or do
And though I tried all through forever I could never earn
the treasure that's in store
But now standing in Your righteousness I reach in faith
And cry to You for more


That I may know You
And the power of Your resurrection
That I may know You
And the communion of Your sufferings gladly share
That I may know You
And the life that's flowing from your crucifixion
That I may know you
'Til in heaven I will see You there

No one on this earth except a fool would try to say that they've arrived
My goal cannot be reached as long as this old sinful flesh remains alive
Still I leave the past behind, like a runner, for the prize that lies ahead
And I press onward toward the goal, the upward call,
the resurrection from the dead

(Repeat Chorus)


Higher up! I hear Your Word of power call me higher
Further in! The comfort of Your Spirit calms my fear
Higher up! To live with You is all my heart's desire
Further in! Your heart of love forever draws me near

(Repeat Chorus)