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Mary Rice Hopkins
Big Steps 4 U
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     Big Steps 4 U      100%
Grandpa took me on a ride
Around the countryside
He showed me all the ground he tilled
The hard work, just for a dime

He talked of how to till the land
The soil that you need
And he said the harvest just takes time
But you've got to plant good seeds


Sowing seeds so I can grow
I'm sowing seeds of love
Sowing seeds so the whole world knows
I'm sowing seeds of love
And as we plant and harvest comes
And the rain falls from above
Oh I thank the Lord for all He's done
I'm sowing seeds of love

Now I hold my children close
Just like on that old farm
I'm passing down the love I knew
From Grandpa's loving arms

I'm planting seeds of wisdom
They're growing in our home
Another generation
Will see the seeds we've sown

(Repeat Chorus)