Help - license songs

Here are the steps to license a song:
  1. Search for a song

    Choose the Search link in the Song navigation block on the right side of the page. Enter your search criteria and press the Search button. See the help for using the search engine for more details about finding songs.

  2. View song details

    Click on the song title found in the search to show the song details. The detail page will include more information about the song and license options.

  3. Select usage

    To license a song, you must first identify the type of license you need. Select the type from the popup list and press the Request License button. See the publishing terms page if you are not sure what kind of license you need.

  4. Enter the requested license information

    Depending on the type of license selected, you will see a form requesting further details about your use of the song. Enter all required fields and any optional ones that apply to your request. Press the Continue button to complete the form.

  5. Add more songs or finalize your request

    If you want to license additional songs on the same type of license, you can return to the search engine or list of songs and repeat steps 1-2. At step 3, choose the same license type from the popup list to add the song to your current license request. It is not necessary to re-enter the requested license information, but some license types require a playing time to be specified for each song. When you are finished adding songs, click on the Finalize Request button to submit your license request.

  6. Login or create an account

    If this is your first license request, you need to create an account on the system. If you already have an account, enter your user name and password to continue.

  7. Update or edit your contact information and send your request

    If you created a new account in the previous step, you need to enter the required contact information to complete your license request. If you have previously requested a license, the system will display the information provided on the previous request. Please review the form and correct any information which has changed. Press the Send Request button to submit the license request to Music Services.