Help - searching

The song search engine supports searching by song title, writers, and publishers. The popup menu next to the title field controls how searching is performed for all three fields (the search is not impacted if nothing is entered in a search field). The four types of searches are:

  1. Contains All Keywords

    Enter one or more words separated by spaces. Songs are selected that have ALL of the exact words in the matching field. For example, searching the title field for "bible" would return Bible Stories but not Bibleland.

  2. Contains Any Keywords

    Same as above except songs are selected that have ANY of the exact words in the matching field.

  3. Contains the Phrase

    Searches for the phrase exactly as you have entered it in the search field including spaces and punctuation.

  4. Begins With

    Like as a contains search, but the match is only returned if the phrase is at the very beginning of the field data.

If you enter criteria in multiple search fields, it has the effect of narrowing the search. For example, entering criteria for the title and writers fields only lists songs that meet the criteria for both fields.

If your search did not result in the song you were looking for, try again and limit your search by:

  • entering only a few key words from the title
  • leaving out punctuation and special characters (i.e. parentheses, hyphens, etc.)
  • if searching by writer, try searching by last name only (i.e. instead of “Steven Curtis Chapman,” try just “Chapman”)

If these methods do not give the desired results, please double-check the copyright notice at the bottom of the page of printed music or below the song lyrics in the CD liner notes to make sure it is a publisher we represent. Click here to search the list of publishers represented by Music Services.

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